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Mali svetionik 466

Prvi Prvi na Skali

Ekskluzivno iz Ohaja za Šumadiju i čitav prostor bivše SFRJ - emitovanje iz Klivlenda, Atine i Kragujevca.

The Best Albums in 2017 (Part Two)

We continue our list of best albums in 2017, this time with top 14 albums. This year was full of albums that will surely stay and I will definitely keep coming back to these many times in my life. Chris Church has came up with with a power pop album that can stand next to all the classics from that disarming genre that only seems effortless on the surface. Big Hogg offered us their extremely playful version of modern day prog rock. If you think Alien Lanes are a classic record, you should definitely look into Stevens and their album Good. Similar albums with great melodies, low fi and clever segues were always in the top of my albums in the past years. Matthew Melton and his wife Doris started a new project Dream Machine and The Illusion definitely made a mark, even politically (although unwittingly). Hayley Thompson-King and her concept record about the biblical woman is truly a deep album that goes from country over garage rock and ends up in opera. Tin Foil are newcomers from Detroit with an addictive set of songs on their album without a title. Pink Tiles return with a record that definitely puts them on a map of serious bands with fun content. David Nance comes from Omaha and has created an album sounds so well crafted, as if he was putting albums for a really long time. Americans on I’ll Be Yours reach depths and territories that were only visited by House of Freaks in the past. Emmett Kelly and his Cairo Gang continue with a series of truly timeless albums with Untouchable. Harlan T. Bobo’s new album came out only a month ago, and there was not enough time to come back to it many times, but it definitely made me rearrange my playlist and put him up on the high third place. It might be his strongest yet. On the top we have Sweet Apple and Bash & Pop. There’s a lot in common to these albums. Both are genre defying and disarmingly playful works of rock’s veteran warriors who know exactly where the sources of this music is. It was a good year for rock.

Stanislav Žabić


  • 01 Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen
  • 02 Sweet Apple - Sing The Night In Sorrow
  • 03 Harlan T. Bobo - Hector, A History of Violence
  • 04 The Cairo Gang - Untouchable
  • 05 The Americans - I’ll Be Yours
  • 06 David Nance - Negative Boogie
  • 07 The Pink Tiles - #1 Fan
  • 08 The Stevens - Good
  • 09 Dream Machine - The Illusion
  • 10 Hayley Thompson-King - Psychotic Melancholia
  • 11 Tin Foil
  • 12 Tall Juan - Olden Goldies
  • 13 Big Hogg - Gargoyles
  • 14 Chris Church - Limitations of Source Tape

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